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A New Love is the product of collaboration and numerous hours of research, a multitude of talented people, and a vision of a service that could facilitate users from all over the world in meeting each other for fun, friendship, or even marriage. The three principals involved have pooled their talents and resources together to make this premier service a reality! We have all traveled internationally and have enjoyed meeting people from different countries and have met and married foreign women . We found it to be very refreshing to have a conversation or form a relationship with someone from a totally different culture than our own. We often commented on the fact that it would be extraordinary to be able to step into a singles bar or go to a party and have such a diverse group of people to interact with!

So, we finally did something about it! The first step was to research the existing companies that currently supply names and addresses of people from foreign countries wanting to meet mates from other countries. Secondly, we did a little (actually a lot!) of market research to ascertain just what the average consumer wanted in this type of service. Thirdly, we examined the most current technology available for this type of service. The ultimate discovery was that even though there are a few companies out there doing a fairly good job filling this need there was clearly room for improvement.

A NEW LOVE is dedicated to supplying you with the names and addresses of women who truly want to form a lasting relationship. We also strive to supply you with that information in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Unlike other data bases, especially magazine formats, we are able to update our system on a WEEKLY basis. By doing this you no longer have to wait weeks or months for a new issue. Simply log on the next day and check out the new profiles section. Also, due to the fact that we have no publishing costs our overhead is less than that of our competitors, enabling us to pass the savings on to you. Additionally, included are directories (at no additional cost) containing relevant information which you may find useful such as - Most often asked questions, Letter Writing Tips among others. It is our intention to make this system as simple to use and as informative as possible.

We have successfully owned and operated businesses of one type or another throughout our careers, and we sincerely believe that after all is said and done the most important factor in this service oriented business is trust. The people who submit their names, addresses, and photos must trust us to display them properly. You, as the user, have to trust that the names and addresses you are receiving are current and from people who truly want to meet someone. We understand our responsibilities, and feel certain that we will gain your confidence as you use and become familiar with our system. If you ever have a problem with our system, employees, or any of the women or men you respond to PLEASE CONTACT US! We are totally committed to service, it is our number one priority, and we will do everything within our power to ensure you are satisfied!

If you have any questions or comments about our service please feel free to contact us. Again, we sincerely appreciate the fact that you have considered using our service.

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